Traumatic is psychologically painful without a good promise of relief by definition.


It was founded in 2012 in the medieval metropolis of Ghent by Kevin (Xaero) and Jens (Requiem), originally with a focus on organizing underground parties where the mischievous styles of the hardcore underground would be heard:
Techno, Doomcore, Slowcore, Darkcore, Industrial Hardcore and variants, with an open-mindedness for the experimental and the adventurous or even abstract.

This is the musical outline that also characterizes the musical output as a label, which started in 2014.
Originally under the umbrella of Noisj, before going independent a year later.

Traumatic has made itself a name for releasing top-notch tracks only, with the label roster being worldwide:
A vivid mixture of regulars like Xaero & Mel Agony, AnTraxid, Desolation, CRPTC, Hypoxic or Corner, complemented with guest releases by exciting artists (such as Cyberstruct, RagnaRok, Helios Is Dead, Diffuse, Batashi or Silent Humanity).
Their releases include Singles, EPs, Albums and Various Artist releases by its complete roster, offered digitally and physically – with some of those revealed and others to be announced yet.

In 2019, it kicks off their subdivision Haunted, which will focus on Techno, Rave, Doom Techno, Acid Techno, Dark Techno, Industrial Techno and variants.


The future is doomed, cursed more than ever by the darkness that Traumatic develops!





Our current crew consists of the following key members.

Kevin (Xaero) – Founder / Manager
Jens (Requiem) – Co-Founder / Events
Richard (Hypoxic) – Production / A&R
Sebastiaan (Ascend) – Production / A&R
Carl (CRPTC) – Production / A&R

We’re accompanied by the following essential partners.

Sascha Ruf – Description Writing
Psyklon Industries – Video Editing
Musicmastering.nl – Mastering Services

Special mention to these people for their support.

Anh Nguyen
Elisa Willems
Enrico Stade
Maurice Pinkster
Ben Harder



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9000 Ghent



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